Eric Pulier Helped Us With His Adaptive Technology

I know that a lot of people think that there is a lot technology in classrooms today for kids with disabilities, but it was not always that way. Our teachers did the best they could, but they did not have a lot to work with. They had to do the best they could do even though they had no help, but that all changed when Eric Pulier came along with People Doing Things. He started the nonprofit so that he could match people or schools with adaptive technology.

I met a lot of kids at my school who were able to graduate on time because of what he did for them, and I actually got one whole year back because of Eric Pulier’s work. I graduated one year late, but there was a time when the teachers thought I would run out of time because I could only get services until I was 21. I was able to go to a trade school using the same kind of technology that I got from Eric Pulier, and I still work in the industry today.

I knew other people who needed this technology just to get around the house, and he let us leave school with the things that he created. Our teachers got new things to work with, and they were helping a lot of kids like us not even be behind in school at all. It was not long after we had graduated that Eric Pulier’s work made it possible for kids to be pulled out of regular class for a short time instead of sitting in the special ed class all day. The work done by Eric Pulier really did change my life, and I know that it changed a lot of others because our disabilities were not defining us.

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Amazing Works of Kenneth Goodgame

Since 2013, executive Kenneth Goodgame has been working as the chief marketing officer and senior vice president of True Value Hardware Company. He is a graduate of University of Tennessee Knoxville where he earned his Degree in marketing and finance. As an expert, Mr. Goodgame is well versed with knowledge on proper management of profit and losses. Additionally, he is popularly known for his great skills in building high performance teams. Through his customer-focused philosophy, experience and product knowledge, True Value firm has managed to achieve impressing success and returns. Kenneth designs innovative programs which aim at creating instant and wide impact in the global marketplace. Under his management and great launching techniques, True Value Company has been recognized internationally as a firm with an amazing brand.

His Career

Initially, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Ace Hardware where he served as the global materials manager. Here he made great achievements by designing long term growth plans that guaranteed high records for sales. He went ahead to improve existing processes and developed new products for the firm. His wide experience in merchandise management has been acknowledged by different firms such as Black and Decker and The Home Depot. Later on in 2002, he was appointed the chief executive officer of Rubbermaid cleaning products. Here he played a major role in designing innovative programs that are still used up to date.

Apart from brand recognition and product creation, Goodgame is also an expert in promotional planning, sales and packaging. With commitment and dedication, Kenneth takes new ideas and consolidates them to achieve a unified vision. His long term vision and hard work for all the firms he has worked with has enabled these companies sustain a good place within the competitive market

About True Value Company

This firm is an American dealer owned hardware cooperative that serves over 58 countries around the globe. True Value Company has its main offices located in Chicago and is recognized as one of the largest member owned cooperatives in the world. This company has a proud heritage associated with outstanding support that it gives to independent retailers to ensure their growthand success.

Diversant’s Success Under Principal John Goullet

In the United States, Diversant is ranked as the largest African-American firm engaged in IT staffing. As a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), the firm offers a range of IT staffing as well as diversity products. They include direct hire, augmentation of IT staff and solutions related to innovative diversity.

Integrity, codes of ethics and core values are crucial success factors at Diversant. Notably, ethical behavior, professional development, respect for others and disciplined teamwork have seen the firm attract and retain qualified employees. These employees have continued to embrace these virtues in provision of a wide range of services to the consumers. The corporation highly embraces the value of diversity. For the most effective outcomes, Diversant leverages on the wealth of experience and expertise of its teams. The company’s solutions and services are designed to accommodate the needs of the clients, thus satisfying their utility.

According to Diversant, diversity enhances innovation, creative thinking besides augmenting problem solving techniques. In addition, it enables a business to build ties with the local communities and connect with the various markets. Companies that comprehend how to leverage these strengths have a competitive advantage. To this end, Diversant offers different programs that are geared towards promoting diversity both at the workplace and in the talent acquisition’s supply chain. The company’s products and services are anchored on the best-in-class methodologies.

About Principal John Goullet

In the IT sector, John Goullet has provided leadership in the development of many successful ventures. Initially, the entrepreneur worked as an IT consultant. However, he switched to IT staffing. With his comprehensive understanding of the market trends, John established Info Technologies. This corporation zeroed in on providing different IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the nation.

After operating for 5 years, Info Technologies was valued at $30 million. This positive outcome saw the entity rank number 8 based on the 500 fast-growing companies as listed in Inc. Magazine. Gene had founded DIVERSANT Inc. In 2010, Gene and John merged their companies to form DIVERSANT LLC. John is the principal of the new firm. Gene serves as the CEO. John continues with his passion for creating new ways of addressing the challenges facing the broad IT marketplace.

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James Dondero and his Dedication

James Dondero is known to be many things including a businessman, a financial expert, an investment strategist, as well as a philanthropist who is the co-founder and the developer of the Highland Capital Management firm, an investment firm that is truly dedicated to offering the public with the best investment solutions that promise a high rate of return. James Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management firm in 1993 with ten years of experience already under his wing. The Highland Capital Management firm is a unique firm that not only looks to attract clients to the company, but also looks to create partnerships that are long-lasting and that consist of a loyalty. This Dallas-based firm is dedicated to the community of Dallas and looks to offer the best credit-based solutions to both private and the public sectors. James Dondero and his team look to offer the best investment options with the lowest chance of risk.

James Dondero is a world renowned investor and financial planner who is known for his many risk investments that have all paid off. In most recent news, Mr. Dondero was involved with an investment in Argentina to buy off some of the country’s lingering debt. This business solution was decided as a strategic way to also re-introduce Argentina into the international bonds market that will lead to a spark in economic growth on the international level. This is just an example of the innovation that Dondero and his expert team brings to the table and their dedicated to helping others.

In recent news, the Highland Capital Management firm recently made a partnership with Linda Owen, a woman who is known for her involvement with philanthropy within the Dallas community. As a woman who is dedicated to her community, James became interested in working with Ms. Owen after learning of their the passion that they have in common for improving and developing the community of Dallas even further. Ms. Owen will work with the investment firm and will make sizeable donations to the charities and to the foundations that she sees fit to work with.

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Crystal Hunt Dedicated to Acting

Crystal Hunt was groomed to become an actress. She began by participating in beauty pageants at the tender age of two, and even then her pageant talent was acting. Hunt has appeared in countless commercials and is best known for portraying the troubled, Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap opera Guiding Light. She played the role for three years from 2003 until 2006. She was honored with a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for being an Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Hunt had a brief appearance in the 2005 movie, Derby Stallion, and also in the 2007 Universal Pictures movie Sydney White portraying Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss. After her roles in these two movies, she returned to daytime drama by appearing in ABC’s One Life to Live where she played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 until the following February. She returned to the program as a ghostly Stacy Morasco in March 2010. Hunt appeared in Clint Buchanan’s Vision of Hell in January 2012.

From an early age, Crystal Hunt has been fascinated by acting and has the talent and acting ability to fully assume the role of another person. She has created long enduring characters for Stacy Morasco and Lizzie Spaulding. Ever since her early days in Clearwater, Florida, her acting has been foremost in her life, and a new reality TV series centered on retired and current daytime soap opera stars may soon be seen in syndication.

Securus knows that Inmates Need their Families

There is a relatively unknown app by Securus Technologies that has been under the radar for a few years now. This application is called the Video Visitation App and it allows inmates to communicate with their family members through a video technology format.

Family members who have incarcerated parents or relatives can use their smartphones to communicate with them on a daily basis. This app is a great idea and should be used in all prisons.
The thing that really makes this technology such a great thing is its video communications format. People can see each other while they are speaking. This is a big deal for inmates who are often isolated from their family.

I had family members who were in jail in the past. One of the hardest things about them being incarcerated was getting out to see them on a regular basis. It was hard to travel back and forth to the prison where they were housed.

Then the inmate had to be on good behavior in order to get visit. With the Video Visitation App a family can see their loved ones without having to travel to the facility.

This app saves time, money and energy. Inmates can use this app to attend their child’s birthday parties, to go to family events and to be there when a problem arises. As long as their prison facility gives them a scheduled time to talk, an inmate can indirectly go with their family to many different events.

An inmate can go to a family reunion while in jail and they can even speak with their child’s teacher during a conference. All they will need is a responsible adult on the other end of the line who will carry a smartphone or tablet around so that they can see what is going on. An inmate will be able to interact with everyone that they can see on the screen.

Securus even created a video that showcased what the Video Visitation App can do. I was amazed at how many uses that this video really does serve. More importantly, it really does help inmates to stay connected with their families.

The Video Visitation App is not just a great piece of technology it is an important way for prisoners to bond with their loved ones. Securus has more information about this app on their website.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.